Overseas Projects

Building the Church in the Wiyumiririe District of Kenya
St Andrew’s has always taken it’s giving overseas as a very important role in it’s mission work. We have been lucky in the fact that we have had first hand contact in the form of Robert Williams a Teacher and Managing Director of the Braeburn group of schools in Kenya (braeburn web link). He returns to this country on a yearly basis with his Kenyan wife and family to visit relatives in Stewton, but was brought up and educated in Lincolnshire.

With his guidance we have been able to give on a yearly basis, and have been sure that our giving has been used entirely for the purpose, to which it was meant, namely to build a church in the Wiyummiririe District of Kenya.
This project has now been completed, and Mr Williams was able to be present at the opening ceremony, for which hundreds of people walked for miles, to come to the new Church. This project took place over a ten year period. We have been given a video of the event.

Quote from a letter received from the Church in Africa read:

" Thanks to Almighty God and your kindness we have a house we can worship the Lord in"

"We tender our heartfelt thanks for the kindness you have shown to us"

These comments were very humbling.

Orphanage for Aids Children
During Mr Williams visit last July, he told us that the Church congregation in Kenya, were busy setting up an orphanage for babies and children suffering from Aids. Their parents had either died of the disease or were too ill to care for them. He explained to us that the children at present had been taken in by other families or relatives, but this was not sustainable so an orphanage was necessary to care for them. He said that the drugs to fight Aids could be bought cheaply in Kenya, but even with these many of the children would not be saved. St Andrew’s at Stewton have decided to help as much as possible with this new project.

At present the land has been purchased, and hopefully enough funding for the building will soon be raised to make a start. This project is also being sponsored by the Braeburn Schools Group. We also have members of the congregation who send money for books or uniforms to specific children

Many of you will have been moved, some years ago, by television pictures of Romanian orphans who were brought up in appalling conditions. What happened to them? Many never left an institutionalised life and continue to live in locked wards in large psychiatric hospitals. One of them is situated in Tarnaveni Hospital in Transylvania, Romania and the very mention of the town to Romanians evokes the response that there is a Psychiatric Hospital there.

What has this to do with us here in Louth or Stewton? Some years ago, one of our congregation, Victoria, a Mental Health Social Worker left her job in the UK to work as a volunteer in the hospital. Since then she has become a trustee of the charity Volunteers for Mental Health (vfmh); its sole purpose is to provide support to the institution. The charity is now appealing for something quite simple – old reading glasses for the patients. Victoria took out a case full on a recent visit and as one man remarked, “Now I can see, I can write to my family,” something he's not been able to do for many years. What a gift! For further information please see the charity's website