History of St.Andrews

Nov 6, 2018

Reverse Advent Calendar

We are familiar with shops selling Advent Calendars where every day in December leading up to Christmas Day, the opener takes and eats a chocolate novelty. This year the congregation is invited to do something a little different.

From the start of December it was suggested that we do a reverse Advent Calendar which is about giving and not receiving gifts. People are invited to purchase an item each day for the Food Bank and leave the gifts in the box at the back of church so that it can be taken to the Food Bank after the Carol Service on 16 December.The following is a list provided for us of suitable items in various categories: 

Food Bank as at 04.11.2018

Urgent Need:

Nappies, Shower gel, Shampoo, Conditioner, Tinned Meat (Stewed steak, Chilli), Tuna, Sugar, Jams, Long Life Milk


Christmas Hampers:

Stuffing, Ham (tinned), Christmas Cake, Christmas Pudding, Mince Pies, Pickled Onions, Pickle, Cranberry Sauce, Biscuits, Gravy, Chocolates, Custard, Tinned Fruit  


Usual Requests

Sugar, Tea Bags, Coffee, Cereal, Tinned Curry, Tinned potatoes, Tinned Carrots, Pasta Sauce, Rice Pudding, Toothpaste, Tooth brushes, Spaghetti