History of St.Andrews

Oct 9, 2018

Bits & Pieces

The Harvest Festival and Auction went well. We buried the ashes of a long time supporter and we look forward to a group using the church for a Quiet Day from another Deanery

The gathering of the harvest is important to a farming community and so it is right that we mark the work that has taken place on the farms in the village and surrounding area.

Whilst this site is not necessarily about births marriages and deaths, the churchyard is a special place for burials for many people. Nature is part of the churchyard and so rabbits and badgers find it an ideal place to live. This sometimes creates headaches for those who wish to see a very tidy lawn around the graves. With the activity of the wildlife we accept that flower heads may be eaten (Crysthanthemums are a favourite meal for rabbits!), holes may be dug by the badgers looking for grubs. We sometimes have to explain this aspect of a country churchyard, but the maintenance of the grave and any memorial remains with the relatives of the deceased, We do not have groundsmen. We are a tiny church.

Yesterday one of our long time members of the congregation was laid to rest. Anton (Toni) Spielvogel died in Austria where he had lived for the last few months, but it was his wish that he should be returned to St Andrew's when he died, A small respectful ceremony ensured his ashes were buried in the grave of his wife.

On Saturday a group from the Market Rasen area will be using the space inside the church to work together as a group under the leadership of their rector Rev Steve Johnson.