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Oct 18, 2017

They did it!

The two walkers/pilgrims/perigrinos, call them what you like, achieved their goal and collected many stamps on their special passports dedicated to walking the Camino.


People undertake journeys for a variety of reasons. They always travel in hope. Originally the plan was to raise a significant amount of money towards building a classroom for children with learning disabilities in Wiyumiririe in Kenya, by undertaking a pilgrimage in Spain.

It seemed a reasonable challenge for father and daughter to walk the final 100km, (62 miles) to Santiago de Compostela, the final resting place in Spain of St James. The proposed distance increased because of finding a suitable place to start, the journey was extended to 113km (70 miles); but that was planned before discovering a lengthy diversion put in place because of serious road building. The construction of a motorway to Santiago increased the distance to 128km (80 miles).

Undeterred the pair achieved their goal despite unseasonably high temperatures for October up to 28 degrees! The sponsor money is still being collected but a substantial amount has been raised.

Well done and thank you to walkers and sponsors.

Not sure who owns the feet below!!