History of St.Andrews

Sep 9, 2017

Cacophony – The Really Terrible Choir

If you sometimes feel self-conscious or out of place in church, or wherever people gather to sing, because you think you can’t sing, or don’t sing in tune or just grumble into your boots but still enjoy singing then this is the time and place for you.

Monday 18th September

4.00 p.m.

St Andrew’s Stewton.


What is it? It can be summed up in the saying: “Something old, something new, something borrowed, something blue-sy.“  You may associate these things with a new bride on her wedding day. Well you can experience them for yourself in a novel non-threatening environment among an accepting bunch of likeminded people who come together in an informal way to sing to their hearts content without worrying about whether they are out of tune, out of time or out of this world.

Something old – most of what we sing come from a wide church repertoire of music, old hymns, some long forgotten, some old favourites.

Something new –  new stuff from the last 50 years (yes really!).

Something borrowed – some things that might surprise us and never associate with singing in church.

Something blue-sy – somethings that are a bit off the wall.

We spend some time discussing what we’ve had a go at; why it speaks to us or perhaps why it doesn’t or maybe see an old favourite from a different point of view, or had one of those epiphany moments which catch us by surprise.It lasts for precisely 1 hour. All our items are accompanied by a good technical backing.

Come along. You will be very welcome and you never know, you may go away feeling much better with yourself or life in general.