History of St.Andrews

Tucked away down a delightful country lane lies the tiny community of Stewton, quiet, unassuming and steadfast since the time of the Domesday book (and probably long before that). There appears to be nothing remarkable about the place, no shop, no pub, no school just a collection of a few houses and the wonderful stone church tucked away in the trees.

Of course a place is much more than the dwellings and it was that idea that has sparked a real interest in the heritage and in what happened in this sleepy place in the past. A storm which blew down a beech tree narrowly missing the church also felled some of the gravestones and memorials. As they were being refurbished and re-erected, questions emerged. Who were the villagers? What were their lives like? What happened in the place?  A starting point was to search in the churchyard for the inscriptions on the interesting gravestones, and this idea was quickly followed by the question of who were the people named on the First World War Memorial.

Interest soon grew and others wanted to discover more about the village buildings. At this point a local heritage group was formed, and after an early meeting the band of researchers headed en masse to the Archives in St Rumbold Street Lincoln to discover the type of documents lodged there. From these early steps, people have developed specific areas for research. Sometimes this leads up blind alleys but by carefully asking questions and piecing together the information, we are unearthing some interesting treasures.

This is definitely work in progress but it is all held together through our research meetings which are held in the church as it is the only community building in the village. It is interesting to discover what we can do when working together. Only recently, a car stopped outside the house and as they saw a person in the garden, they said they were looking for ancestors from the village from the late 19th century. As it happens older residents had spoken about the family and so we were able to start a new link with this lady as we are keen to obtain, not only oral history, but documents, letters and newspaper cuttings as well. We have some VERY enthusiastic members but the contribution of each and every person is valued.